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Shou Mei, White Tea Pressed, Tea Cake 350grams

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Shou Mei, White Tea Pressed, Tea Cake 350grams

Shou Mei is a delightful pressed Whit Tea Cake, we only have 4 in stock at the moment, pressed in 2008 and checked in March 2016. These are from Fuding, and stamped with the Fuding White Tea Official Stamp. They meet Quality Standard, and are delicious.

The first infusion is very special, and after the first you can enjoy at least 4 more. The flavour is fuller than a non pressed White tea, and it is sweet and well rounded. 

How do I make Tea from a Tea Cake???

When brewing any tea cake it is important to first warm your tea pot, your tea jug and cup, once everything is warmed remove warming water, then break away a small part of your tea cake, make sure you gather some from the top, the inside and the base, this way you have all sections to give you a rounded flavour.

With Pressed tea, we first make a short infusion that we discard, so place your leaves in your pot, add about 1/2 the water you would normally to fill your pot, gently move your pot around for 2 to 3 seconds then pour out the water, you do not drink this.

We do this because the tea is aged, and we want to awaken the leaves ready for infusion, we also want to clean it of any dust that may be there.

Now that your leaves are ready, add your water at 90°c, some like it hotter at 95°c, and my method is to create many short infusions, so infuse for 40 to 50 seconds, pour your tea into your tea jug, and enjoy. Then re-infuse again at the same temperature, enjoy again.

You will find you can enjoy this delightful White Tea Cake many times over, as the infusions get longer try for 2 to 3 minutes, 3 minutes will bring a deep yellow liquor that is a pleasure to drink.

This White Shou Mei Tea Cake would also suit storage and ageing for those desiring a collection to invest in. I will be storing one for myself and seeing how the flavour improves over time.

Ingredients: Fuding Shou Mei White Tea, pressed Tea Cake Certificates all included, and certificate also impressed into tea cake. Quality Standard Stamp and Fuding White Tea stamp.

Quantity per cup?

Try to break a small section away from the tea cake gathering some from the top, inside and bottom sections to gather a true flavour of the tea cake. Only a small amount is required for a pot for two, no more than two teaspoons.

Multiple infusions are possible, increase water temperature and infusion times to bring out flavours.

Food Pairing

This White Shou Mei Pressed Tea cake works wonderfully with seafood and salads.

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